What is the strangest interview question you have been asked?

Do you still remember your last interview? How did you feel? Confident or under pressure? How well did you prepare? Did you pass or fail? What was the strangest question you were asked?

What kind of questions did you get asked? It is easy to search the web for the standard interview questions such as:

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
How do you handle failure?
Why did you leave your last job?
Why do you want to work/study with us?
What problems have you faced at work and how did you overcome them?
Questions about your resume/CV.
Where do yo see yourself 5 years from now?
And many more.

But what about the non-standard questions, and how do you answer them? Sometimes there is no right or wrong way to answer them. The interviewer just wants to see how you react. Here are a selection of some unusual interview questions that have been asked by some of the world’s biggest companies:

If you had a choice between two superpowers — being invisible or flying — which would you choose?
Design a spice rack for the blind.
How much do you charge to wash every window in Seattle?
Choose a city and estimate how many piano tuners operate a business there.
What kind of tree would you be?
Why are manholes round?

What is the strangest interview question you have ever been asked? Please share and comment. We would love to hear from you.


Interview Preparation Tips

Don’t feel like this at your next interview. Follow these interview preparation tips:

1. Make sure you know exactly how to get to the interview location.
2. Work out your route and plan to arrive in the vicinity in good time to allow for any unexpected delays (I recommend an hour before. Find a cafe nearby and try to relax. Read through your notes/CV). This will prevent any unnecessary panic and worry about missing it or being late.
3. Drink plenty of water the day before to stay hydrated.
4. Don’t stay up all night preparing. Your brain will not function well if you are tired. Go to bed early and get as much sleep as you can.
5. Have a good breakfast.
6. Dress smart and appropriately.
7. Make sure that you are confident about everything in your CV and be prepared to discuss in detail.
8. Make sure you can confidently give good responses to the common questions (you can find them in the web).
9. Remember, the interview starts from the moment you wake up, until after you have left the building. Get your mind in the zone and you never know who is watching you on a camera.
10. Be confident and don’t fidget when you are waiting to go in.

The best way to prepare is to have a mock interview. This is a service that we provide. Contact us now to arrange yours.