Interview Preparation

Professional Interview Coaching and Mock Interviews, by an experienced hiring manager. You have spent a lot of time and effort working towards your dream profession. You know you deserve that place at university, and you are the right person for that job. Don’t take the risk of failing at the last stage!

We specialise in working with clients who use English as their second language.

Telephone, Skype, or Panel Interviews

Different interview situations require different approaches. We’ll ensure you’re prepared for every eventuality.

Interview Q & A

Preparing and structuring strategic interview answers to traditional, situational, technical, behavioural and competency-based interview questions. And also how to respond to some of the strange questions that some companies ask these days.

Confidence Boosting

Calm your mind, dress the part, speak with confidence, and believe in yourself.

1-2-1 Online Interview Coaching

You will benefit from our in-depth insider knowledge of recruitment. We know what makes recruiters tick, what employers are looking for and how hiring decisions are made. All interview coaching sessions are bespoke and geared towards  helping you secure that role.

Mock Interview

Would you give a presentation without practicing first? Your Mock Interview will be customised to your chosen role and industry, with practice for competency, standard, technical, pressure and criteria-based interview questions.

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Interview Coaching

Suitable for:

People interested in Career Development.

Working professionals thinking about a new role or a new company

Students looking for internships.

Students looking for full-time roles.

MBA students.

Non-native English speakers wanting to study or work overseas, or for a multinational company.

Strength Based Interviews

Learn to identify the strengths that the organisation value above others, such as team working or innovation, to help you to identify whether you are a suitable fit for the organisation and also the most probable focus of the interview.

Understand your own strengths and weaknesses and how to present them during the interview.

Understand the difference between learned strengths and inherant strengths.

Identify the experiences you can draw on during an interview to substantiate your answers.

Practise answering a variety of strength based questions.

Competency Based Interviews

This is the most commonly used type of interview. It is mostly used to expand on your CV/Resume and make sure that your competencies match the specifications for the target position.

Learn how to effectively research the target position and the target organisation.

Learn to predict question types and how to answer them.

Structure your answers using the STAR approach. Situation, Task, Action, Result.

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Interview Questions & Answers

You can find hundreds of interview Q & A websites that give excellent information on what questions you could be asked, and how to answer them. We make sure that you get the chance to practice this and get constructive criticism on your responses.

An interview is a two way process. You will also learn how to ask the right questions.

Understand why certain questions are asked.


Valuable tips on how to reduce interview stress and anxiety, and boost your confidence, to help you present yourself in the best possible way.

Understand appropriate behaviour before, during and after the interview. How to dress, correct posture, greetings, and body language.

Learn what to avoid during the process.

Be aware of the main reasons that people fail an interview and how to avoid them.


How and when to follow up after your interview.

Salary negotiation skills. You may be asked. Be prepared!

Self appraisal techniques.

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Mock Interview

This is probably the best investment in your career, that you could possibly make!

You have probably spent a lot of time, effort and money in getting where you are today. You know you deserve this next position, and that you can meet the expectations of the targeted role.

When was the last time you had an interview? How did it go? Perhaps you have been in the same job for several years, so have not had the opportunity for an interview?

The process is divided into three separate sessions of one hour each.

This is your chance to practice for your target role.


We will research the college, company, or industry sector, for the target role, based on initial information provided by you.

Your bespoke mock interview will be prepared based on this research to simulate, the real interview as closely as possible. (It would be impossible to give an exact prediction of the real interview situation, but we will do our best to get it as close as possible)

Asian Man - Woman Interview


Your mock interview will be done online, 1-2-1 with an appropriate and experienced interviewer.

Your performance will be assessed in relation to the target position with regard to:

First impressions.

Greetings, interaction and body language.

Your answers to common questions, and some that are aimed towards your targeted role.

What questions you ask.

Strengths and weaknesses.

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You will be given a full debrief based on analysis of your performance, and constructive criticism will be given where needed, along with any recommendations for remedial steps.

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Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Expect the unexpected!

Interview Coach 5
1-2-1 Online
1 Hour per Session
5 Sessions
Valid 30 days
Interview Coach 10
1-2-1 Online
1 Hour per Session
10 Sessions
Valid 45 days
Mock Interview
1-2-1 Online
1 Hour Preparation
1 Hour Mock Interview
1 Hour Debrief