Business English

Learn with our business experienced tutors, to gain a more meaningful understanding of Business English.

For intermediate level and above.

Business Experience

Our Business English tutors are not just qualified to teach English. They also have extensive experience in business management and operations.

Flexible Learning

Flexible booking system allows you to choose how you spend your credits. Multi lesson bundles offer excellent value. You can also choose how many tutor hours you want on our blended learning course.

Quality Lesson Materials

All of our lesson materials are professionally produced by experienced business people with a passion for teaching. Choose from 1-2-1 individual classes, or sign up for our online Business English blended learning course (Recommended 75% self study with 25% 1-2-1 tutor support).

1-2-1 Online Classes

All of our classes are taught 1-2-1 online by native English speakers that are not only qualified to teach English, but also have extensive experience in Business, Management, Engineering and other expert fields.  

Blended Learning Course

Online Business English course. Study at your own convenience. 75% online self study with 25% tutor support (This can be adjusted to suit your experience and your budget).

1-2-1 Business English

1-2-1 Business English Lesson Topics


Brands and Identity

Customer Service

International Business Etiquette

Business Communication – Telephone, Email


Business Meetings

Business Negotiation

Organisational Structure


Creating a Resume/CV and Cover Letter

Business Presentations

Business Networking

Business Ethics and Law


Business Travel

Business Finance


Business Proposals and Pitches

Human Resources

Motivating Employees

Public Relations

Business English

Business English - Blended Learning

Our blended Business English course is made up of two components. You will study for 4.5 hours online before attending a 90 minute class face-to-face. That’s a total of 6 hours per week (This can be adjusted to suit your ability, your budget and your schedule). Your teacher will be there along the way to help and support your learning.


  • Learn new business vocabulary that you need to do your job in English effectively
  • Learn useful phrases that you can use to communicate at work
  • Learn how to communicate in a range of workplace situations
  • Practice communicating in a range of workplace situations
  • Develop key reading and listening skills
  • Revise grammatical structures to help you communicate more accurately


Topics covered include:

Roles, Responsibilities and Corporate Culture

Company History and the Web

Equipment and Procedures

Distribution and Marketing

Making Arrangements and Transport

Business Accommodation

Developing Contacts and Cultural Issues

Describing Statistics and Company Finances

Investments and Business Startups

Job Applications and Recruitment

Staff Development, Facts and Figures

English for professionals by professionals – Learn more than just the language from our team of experts.

Business 10
1-2-1 Online
25 minutes per lesson
10 lessons
Interactive Homework
Choose and Switch*
Valid 30 days
Business 20
1-2-1 Online
25 minutes per lesson
20 lessons
Interactive Homework
Choose and Switch*
Valid 60 days
Business 50
1-2-1 Online
25 minutes per lesson
50 lessons
Interactive Homework
Choose and Switch*
Valid 120 days
Business 100
1-2-1 Online
25 minutes per lesson
100 lessons
Interactive Homework
Choose and Switch*
Valid 270 days
Blended Learning Course
Online Self Study
Comprehensive course content
Self test quizzes
Choose from one of our value tutor bundles for 1-2-1 support (recommended Business 50).
Valid 180 days